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Maruka Music

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Fri, Sep 30, 2022

harp racket



from Maruka Music.

This is a unique new warm-up aid for harpists of all ages and skills!

Now before a concert or gig, on tour, on holiday, or just without your harp you can warm up your hands, retain or develop your strong fingertips and also practice the evenness of your technique wherever you are!

It’s light, easily packed (in hand luggage or your string bag) and the tension and spacing are similar to a real concert harp. It’s almost silent and non-pitched too. The HR is 19 inches (50cm) long and has 20 strings. The latest model is now strung with BOW BRAND (thickness equivalent to 4th D on a concert harp)

It’s really easy to use – just tuck the handle under your arm, steady it with the other hand and off you go. To use both hands, butt the handle up against a door or a wall and just lean forwards.