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Maruka Music

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Tue, Jan 22, 2019


Dancing Days £20.00

Dancing Days

My Dancing Days

A Suite in 3 movements for Junior Harp Ensemble by Skaila Kanga

Beginners-Intermediate level. Duration 7 minutes


Harp 1 Pedal

Harp Harp 2 Lever Harp (or Pedal harp)

Harp 3 Lever Harp (or Pedal Harp)

Also included one PRACTICE CD with performance and practice tracks for each part.

Rondo £25.00

harp racket

For Piano and Orchestra by W.A. Mozart

Arranged for Flute, viola and harp by Skaila Kanga

With cadenzas by Skaila Kanga

Advanced Level. Duration 9 minutes

Score and Parts